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Capstone Experience

The Senior Capstone Experience

2023-24 Piper High School Capstone Handbook

First page of the PDF file: Reprint_of_Capstone_Handbook

Senior Capstone Introduction Video

This video was created by Academy Leaders to introduce the 2022-2023 Capstone Experience to our current Seniors. 

2022-2023 Senior Capstone Experience FAQ

This is a dynamic document that will continue to be developed as the year progresses. 

As a part of the Piper School District Graduation requirements, each Senior will participate in a Capstone Experience (formerly known as the Senior Project). This experience provides each individual Senior the opportunity to be immersed in real world learning and to stand before their business partners, mentors, educators, community leaders, and peers to showcase their achievements in a culminating presentation. This showcase will not only indicate the employability and technical skills learned in the capstone experience, but also the Portrait of a Piper Graduate Competencies and Market Value Assets achieved.