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CTE Scholars State Recognition Program

The Kansas CTE Scholar Recognition program is a state-wide recognition for outstanding Career and Technical Education students completing their Senior year of high school. This recognition is a way to celebrate students that have attained technical skills and employability skills throughout high school in one more CTE pathway course.

Piper Seniors who earn Kansas CTE Scholar status will be recognized in the following ways: 

  • Certificate with student’s name
  • Graduation honor cord
  • Commemorative pin
  • Recognition at Senior Breakfast 
  • Statewide news release
  • KSDE website recognition

Students that qualify to apply will be locally identified and notified if they have met the requirements. Below are the requirements for the application. 

  1. Senior level status
  2. Have earned or presently enrolled in 3.0 or more CTE credits (2 of the 3 credits above Intro level courses)
  3. Documentation of technical skill attainment (Industry Recognized Credential or CTSO state/national award)
  4. CTE GPA of 3.5 or better in CTE coursework
  5. Civic engagement or outstanding community service with verification letter (Minimum of 100 volunteer hours)
  6. Verified Work-Based Learning Experience (Internship or Client-Connected Project of 80 hours or more)
  7. Work-Based Learning Experience Essay
  8. Career Vision Summary Statement

Applications are due in March and typically become available in January. 

2023 CTE Scholar Recognition User Guide