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Work-Based Learning Continuum

The Kansas Department of Education defines Work-Based Learning as a continuum of career AWARENESS (K-5), EXPLORATION (6-8), and PREPAREDNESS (9-12) experiences in partnership with community and industry partners. These experiences should combine individual career interests alongside authentic work opportunities. 

The Piper School District has personalized this continuum and we will be working to INSPIRE our students in K-5, IGNITE student career exploration in 6th-8th grades, and IMMERSE our students in work experiences at the high school level.  

Our #FutureReady initiatives  work alongside the state Work-Based Learning continuum and our district Portrait of a Piper Graduate to provide our students with a personalized rigourous academic experiences that foster cricital thinking and acquisition of 21st century skills.  

Piper WBL
Piper WBL- 2