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Business Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Business, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation

Business, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation Academy Leader

Business Teacher

Mr. Kyle Kohler


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Have you watched too much Shark Tank and envision your future-self working for or leading a business? The Academy of Business, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation provides students with a strong understanding of business operations in order to pursue a career in the business sector of the economy. Through class study and management of school businesses, students in the sector are prepared for post-graduate studies and careers for many business operations, including finance, management, marketing strategy, planning, and consulting. Students can participate in internships to gain meaningful knowledge of businesses they have an interest in exploring. 

Business and Financial Planning 
The sector of Business Finance emphasizes the role of financial analysts and financial managers in preserving the financial health of a company or industry. Responsiblities of a career in finance may include allocating resources to various functions of a firm, preparing budgets and plans to finance debt and projecting economic variables to a firm.

Human Resources and Sports Management 
The Business Management sector is dedicated to the coordination and execution of business activities by a firm in order to achieve their objectives. Students in business management study the mechanisms of how a business operates and practice the leadership required in planning and directing business initiatives in order to maximize productivity.  

An entrepreneur performs similar tasks as a business manager, but instead through innovation and development of products or services with their own company. Entrepreneurs lead the establishment of their company and control its growth from a small startup to a sizable company. The creation of a company comes with overall development, marketing, legal and financial synopsis in order to be successful and strategic. 

Sales and Marketing 
The work of a marketer involves all activities that promote a company and their products or services. A student in the Marketing sector learns about the decision-making process of a business in order to best engage with its targeted audience.