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Piper Unified School District 203

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Design Production and Aviation

Design Production and Aviation

Design, Production, and Repair Academy Leader

Architecture and Construction Teacher 

Mr. Stephan Brumbaugh 


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Are you curious about Aviation? Do you have interest in connecting new information technology to advanced machinery? Do you enjoy work with your hands, building and fixing things? Would you describe yourself as practical and logical? Are you interested in studying science, drafting, robotics, aeronautics, woodworking or math? In the Design, Production, and Aviation Academy, students have the opportunity to participate in hands-on, real world learning experiences that provide credentialing opportunites and prepare students for post-secondary opportunities. 

Architecture, Design, and Production

A student in the Architecture, Design and Production sector can focus on design, production, or both. Students will form design planning and management skills. These skills will prepare for careers in designing, building, restoring, or repairing structures such as buildings, homes, bridges, and machinery. 

A student in the engineering sector studies the design, building and use of machines and structures. These inventions and designs help solve problems or achieve goals in a variety of fields. A career in engineering encompasses a variety of engineers, such as mechanical, chemical, civil, electrical, and geo-technical engineers. 

A student in the manufacturing sector studies the production of goods that are then distributed to businesses and customers. This process may be completed by skilled manual labor or by machine. 

Aeronautics and Aviation
The Aeronautics and Aviation sector will introduce students to the physics of aviation, the mechanics and maintenance of aircraft, and the role of the aviation industry in facilitating all types of air travel from cargo transportation to commercial use. It will prepare students to support flight operations by becoming pilots, aviation mechanics, and aerospace engineers, air traffic control specialists and more. 

Animation and Gaming  
Animation and Gaming is creating movement and shapes and then applying art to produce animation and games.