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Health and Life Sciences

Human Services
G. Dodin

Health and Life Sciences Academy Leaders
Science TeacherĀ 
Mrs. Gelia DodinĀ

Student Photos
Student Photos
Student Photos
First page of the PDF file: 23-24_FINAL_Calendar
First page of the PDF file: FINAL_2022-23_Calendar

Are you interested in becoming a doctor, nurse, or physician's assistant? Have you considered investigating DNA repair? Are you passionate about working with animals? Have you thought about becoming a personal trainer or an athletic trainer? Are you interested in coaching or sports management? The Health and Life Sciences Academy provides a variety of experiences and hands-on learning opportunities to engage in the health and medical fields. 

Plant and Animal Sciences
A student in the Plant and Animal Sciences sector studies the care of plants and animals and their interactions together. Plant
Sciences includes plant research, analysis, and the protection of plants in our environment. Animal sciences may include the science and business of caring for livestock species, farm animals or companion animals.

Biochemistry and Biomedical
Biochemistry is biological chemistry. It is the study of chemical processes as they relate to living organisms. Biomedical Engineering focuses on the advances in human health and health care at all levels. In these courses, students will investigate real challenges in the health and medical world and use problem-solving skills to find solutions.

Sports Medicine and Exercise Science
Sports medicine is a branch of medicine that focuses on sports injury and physical fitness. Exercise science promotes health and well-being through finding solutions to inactivity.

Health, Human Performance and Sports Recreation 
This sector will provide foundational skills to pursue a variety of careers in health, sports, and recreation. These studies include the human body and how it works, understanding and applying principles of health and wellness (physically and emotionally), and communication and management skills for leadership in sports and recreational organizations.