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Public Services

Public Services
C. Haflich

Public Services Academy Leader
Psychology and Law Teacher 
Mrs. Claire Haflich-Hazel

Do you enjoy helping others improve their lives through a variety of resources and support? If so, The Academy of Public Services could be for you. By providing academic and technical courses, this academy will prepare you for post-secondary education or careers as a teacher, attorney, firefighter, police officer, or  forensic scientist.

Forensic Science
Forensic Science is a critical part of the criminal justice system. Forensic scientists examine and analyze evidence from crime scenes and assist in providing evidence for investigations. In this sector, students will learn how evidence found can aide in the prosecution of a crime or absolve the innocent.

Law and Public Safety 
Protecting and serving the best interest of individuals, groups and communities is at the core of the legal, public safety and criminal justice fields. In this sector, you will learn how to better understand law from philosophical, political, historical and sociological perspectives and how to apply that knowledge when advocating for others.

Teaching and Training 
Advancements across the globe have one thing in common - they stem from instructors that foster individuals’ unique abilities to help them grow through education. In this sector, you will learn how to create and deliver instructional material that helps students of all ages grow academically across subjects and scenarios