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Welcome to The Academies of Piper High School

Academy Leaders

As Piper works to ensure that its graduates are future-ready for their post-secondary pursuits, we have engaged in a vitally important high school infrastructure redesign to support our real-world learning initiatives. We have created six academies, with each academy having several areas of focus, defined as sectors. These sectors provide a clear course of study that ties closely to the Kansas State Department of Education Career and Technical Education pathways. Additionally, the experience provided to students within these academies will allow for not only a diploma, but the attainment of a Market Value Asset for every student prior to graduation. The Academies of Piper High School as well as the Portrait of a Piper Graduate Competencies will prepare our graduates to be successful, productive citizens in college, career, and life.

The Academies of Piper High School


In this course, students will be defining individual future-ready skills with deep exploration of the Portrait of a Piper Graduate competencies, individual career interests, and employability skills. Students will explore a variety of Market Value Assets (MVA) and create a personalized Individual Plan of Study that includes a four-year high school academy plan, one or more MVA, and post-secondary options. Through this personal investigative work, students will also be refining their computer skills to become proficient in various applications; Microsoft Excel, Access, PowerPoint and word. 


Upon entering 9th grade, Piper students will be a part of one of six academies; Design, Production, and Aviation, Business, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation, Arts and Media, Human Services, Health and Life Sciences, or Public Services. Students will focus on a Sector within their selected Academy that fits their identified interests. It is important for us to state that we do not expect students to choose their future career. However, learning traditional subject matter in the context of an actual real world career provides a richer and more engaging educational experience. This answers the long-standing student question “how does this apply”. Through the real world learning opportunities in each academy, students will be able to in fact apply all they have learned and be better equipped for success in their future. 

2023-2024 Piper High School Course Guide LINKED HERE.